Watch Rules Everyone Should Know

Luxury timepieces make a strong statement. A well-crafted clock communicates to the world, “I am present. I worked diligently.” If you’re fortunate enough to own a high-end timepiece, you should be familiar with watch etiquette. After all, you are a gentleman.

The following are the top five watch-wearing rules that will ensure you always appear (and act) sharp:

Rule #1: Choose a timepiece that reflects your personal style.

As with apparel, the style of watch picked is subjective.
It should be completely in keeping with your unique style, from the bezel to the bracelet and fit.
After all, it is an extension of you as a statement item.

Wear your watch on your non-dominant arm according to Rule #2.

Finally, you should wear your watch on the arm that is most comfortable for you, but bear in mind that if you choose to wear it on your dominant arm, you risk injuring it.
The idea is straightforward: you perform more tasks with your dominant hand, increasing the likelihood of bumping or scratching your watch against something.

Rule #3: Proper proportion is critical.

If you have a small wrist and choose a large case, the watch will appear much larger.
Similarly, a man with a large wrist who wears a case that is too small may appear smaller.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution here.
Simply try on various designs of timepieces to see which one appears proportionate on you.

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Never tamper with another man’s watch.

There is one exception to this rule: it would be impolite not to accept a man who removes his watch and offers it to you for inspection.
In all other cases, avoid touching.
Fingerprints may be left on the watch.
Additionally, it is socially awkward.
Men do not touch one another’s cufflinks, wedding rings, or belts after complementing them, so why would a timepiece be any different?

Rule #5: Look after your timepiece.

A fine luxury timepiece will retain its worth over time, but only if it is properly cared for.
You would not purchase a premium car and neglect to wash it or service the engine on a regular basis.

Your watch, like any other complicated piece of technology, requires the same level of maintenance.

After all, your watch is neither impervious to damage nor impervious to normal wear and tear.
Respect and enjoy your watch.

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