How to Reduce or Eliminate the Need for Watch Battery Replacement

A commonly used tool that you use many times a day often goes unnoticed until it stops working. When the watch battery is drained, most rush to a professional to have it replaced. However, there are simple ways to make the battery last years longer and cut back on those expensive replacement services.

Simple Conservation Methods

Preserving the life of the watch battery is the easiest way to avoid the need for replacement. This means trying to avoid unnecessarily running down the battery, and there are a couple of tactics that people commonly use. First, for watches with extra illumination, such as the popular LED-backlit watch, use this feature only sparingly. It is a major drain on the battery, far more than regular operation, and can reduce the average 2-3 year lifespan of a battery to a year or less.

The other tactic is to remove the watch’s stem, which is the part used to set the time. This effectively stops the hands from turning and prevents the battery from discharging. However, it is not effective indefinitely. Batteries left in any appliance without use will eventually corrode and ruin the connections. So if you anticipate not using the watch for more than a few weeks, learn how to remove it yourself. This can also offer another bonus.

Replacement is the Biggest Cost: DIY!

Watch Battery Replacement
Change your own battery!

Batteries have fallen in price over the years, and it is possible to find bulk pricing online. Unfortunately, most people still take their watch to a jeweler or other professional for battery replacement, and the service turns out to be the highest cost. However, before ordering a bulk set of batteries, research the brand and model to make sure specialized equipment is not required to remove the back and replace the battery. Research can prevent a money-saving effort from turning into a broken watch that needs expensive repairs.

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Why Use Batteries At All?

Why Solar Powered Watches are the Next Step in Smartwear
Solar powered watch

Unless you are attached to a particular timepiece for sentimental reasons, it is worth looking into solar-powered watches. The solar cells on these watches require only minimal light and no direct sunlight. In addition, the rechargeable batteries will typically last between 15-20 years, and they can be replaced the same as single-use batteries.

Another new option is the kinetic movement watch. These store energy of everyday movements with an internal weight that shifts with every motion.

Shaking hands, petting the dog, even shuffling papers will provide energy stored in the capacitor. The quartz capacitor will lose a few seconds each month, which compares favorably with other quartz watches.

Recalibration every ten years keeps the seconds lost at a minimum, but it isn’t necessary. This type of watch is usually made of durable material because they are designed to last longer than other types.

The replacement of watch batteries is an expense that can add up, especially if you use several regularly.

Learning more about how to service the particular model can save you the money spent on professional replacement.

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