How a Kinetic Watch Can Help You to Go Green

Kinetic watches are not very familiar to a lot of people. However, you can go green by using one. Find out how.

Very few people are familiar with kinetic watches. These are wonderful watches powered by your body’s energy. No batteries are needed. No winding is needed. You put your watch on, and the movement of your body powers the watch.

Undulated weights turn by a continuous movement of your body, specifically the watch wearer’s wrist. When you wear the watch, as long as your arm moves, the watch is working by the undulated weights and storing energy. The kinetic watch can create power from your body’s constant movement and store it.

The kinetic watches are also built with internal sensors that know if the watch is not moving. For example, the wearer has removed the watch. If the watch has not been active for 24 hours, it puts itself in “sleep”. When you put the watch back on after the “sleep” or inactive mode, it automatically reset the correct time and date. Put the watch on your arm and give it a shake, and it can reset itself and start running again.

There are cases where the watch has been not worn for up to four years, and the wearer put it back on, and it reset the time and date and turned itself back on. An energy supply meter can display how much kinetic energy the watch has stockpiled inside itself.

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The only maintenance required is usually every five to ten years the capacitor used for storing the kinetic energy must be exchanged for a new one. This is the only part that will eventually wear down on the watch.

If you have a leather band, you may need to replace it occasionally, but most wearers indicate that everything else works for years.

Some people cannot wear a regular watch because of batteries being drained or watches stopping because of the energy in their bodies.

You can try putting masking tape on the back of the watch to keep the watch from touching your body directly. However, the batteries still drain faster than normal. The kinetic watch is perfect for people who have these problems or issues with a regular watch.

A Kinetic Watch Can Help You to Go Green
You can go green too!

This is a tremendous opportunity for the country to go green. No batteries in the landfill and a watch that can last for years. The only rival is the solar watch. However, the drawback to the solar watch is wearers that who don’t live in sunny climates may not have enough sun to power the watch.

Unlike the kinetic watch, if you don’t wear the solar watch in the sun, you won’t have it automatically start working again after four years.

The solar watch is a great idea contributing to our going green culture, but the kinetic watch is great for going green!

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