How To Know a FAKE Rolex Watch From a Real One

Some fake Rolex are very obvious, while others are sophisticated and hard to tell. The CONVERTED ROLEX is the trickiest to recognize. The watch will have a genuine Rolex movement with a stainless steel case, replaced with an 18K gold dial bezel and band and masquerading as a Rolex. Look at the back of the watch case. Genuine Rolex watches will have a serial number ending in “18” or “14”, the amount of gold karat used with the stainless steel. Most conversions like to mimic the President’s model watch.

A cheap knockoff can be found in almost any major city for $20 to $35. Sometimes you could come up against one for $150 to $200. If you think it could be real, look at the dial. On cheaply made watches, the dial will tell it all.

The brand name will be crooked, smudged or even misspelt. The name could look perfect, but the typeface and or size is different from the genuine. This will take a discerning eye to know the difference.

Many knockoffs will have the word “oysterquartz” on the dial. This is alien to a real Rolex. Better made watches will use minerals of sapphire crystals while others will use cheap plastic.

Continue examining the face of the watch. Where is the placement of the wording “swiss made”? These words are placed small and further down on the dial, almost under the bezel on the genuine Rolex. The production and finish are often inferior. Bezels will be rough on the edges. There could be missing screws to set the band.

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Look at the pins that hold links together. They are often just crudely finished wire. If the band is a strap band, look at the markings on the buckles and attachments.

All Rolex have a sweeping second hand. Some women’s fakes Rolex are made even without a second hand. And some don’t even have numeral indicators.

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