Digital vs. analogue watch: 42-20 Chrono or Unit SS

When digital watches leaped onto the watch scene, analog watches rapidly disappeared. Still, now they are coming back, as there is something about the style and distinctiveness of an analog watch with all features on view to see.

Digital watches were a bit of a revolution, but the older version has come back into fashion, like many new things in today’s modern world. Nixon’s watches are analog and digital to give you an ultimate choice in modern, stylish timepieces.

The 42-20 Chronograph watch and the Unit SS digital watches by Nixon Watches could not be more different. Both are distinctly men’s watches with styling, size, and functionality. The advantage of a digital watch over an analog is the extra functions included in the digital watch. A digital watch is like having a mini-computer chip on your arm that serves various purposes. The analog watch usually displays the time, day and date, phases of the moon, and chronograph. A digital watch can include several diverse functions.

The 42-20 Chrono is a traditional analog watch in five different styles. All watches are the same. It is just the color of the case and band that change. You can choose from Rose Gold, Crystal, Black, White, or Black/Tortoise, whereas the Unit SS comes in two color options, black and green or silver and red.

Both watches have a stainless-steel case and a three-link stainless-steel band. The band on the Unit is 3mm wider at 24mm than the 42-20 Chrono. Both bands have a double locking clasp and are adjustable.

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The 42-20 Chrono is more of a fashion statement than the Unit as it is stylish and ageless in its design. On the other hand, the Unit is a more modern and futuristic style for the modern man. Its many functions include a positive or negative LCD, 24 or 12 hours, temperature gauge, calendar, light, alarm, and a countdown timer.

The 42-20 Chrono

This watch has a Japanese Miyota quartz movement with 6 hands and a 9-hour crown and pusher placement. The watch is flat in profile with no bulge to the glass face.

The dial is marked in even numbers with specially designed hands luminous in the dark. The case is 42mm wide, and it is waterproof to 200 meters. Over the dial is a hardened mineral crystal face to protect the dial and give certain clarity to it.

The case’s back is also stainless steel and screwed down to make it waterproof. The design is classical, with the three extra dials placed around the dial’s center.

The Unit SS

This watch contains a custom-designed digital piece with many functions, including a 24 or 12-hour time display and a calendar, a temperature gauge, an alarm, and a light. It is available in 2 versions with a red or a green display. It is a functional timepiece for any man with rugged looks and precise details.

Both watches find a place in the modern market for men’s watches, and Nixon watches have designed two watches capable of fitting in with today’s busy lifestyles. The analog is a traditional watch with contemporary styling that suits any occasion, formal or casual, and the choice of colors is a bonus.

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The digital version has some handy features that also make it suit any occasion of today’s modern man about town.

Both are sturdy enough to wear for work, sport, and play with their stainless-steel cases and bands. The waterproof feature is well-designed, so you won’t have to keep removing your watch to get your hands dirty at work or play. Nixon’s watches have covered all bases with their analog and digital watch collections.

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